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A perfect design concept always originates from customers’ real needs. Experienced veteran designers, project architects, interior designers and mechanical engineering consultants work closely together for suggestions on the enhancements of the architecture and plane design layout in kitchen projects, providing customers with advanced, complete and refined design solutions for catering facilities and equipment. The design solutions, based on the operational concepts of the kitchens in various categories of catering organizations and hotels, are devised in conformance with local laws and regulations concerning environmental protection, fire safety and hygiene, as well as the local cultural norms and traditions. They fit well the catering industry operational procedures and the equipment functional requirements, highlighting the project design characteristics. Devised in accordance with the technology and routine operational standards approved by international professional service organizations, the solutions fulfill their design purposes in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.

The design services in kitchen projects include the designs for kitchen facility layout and the related water, electricity, gas supply and ventilation systems. The design service team can provide various conceptual demonstrations and upgraded solutions on customer demands, supplying customers with technical data required for the kitchen projects with their rich experience and superb professional talent. Professional designers will have various on-site visits to check and supervise the work quality for the smooth completion of the projects.

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