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Standard Catering Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong invested company serving specifically hotels, restaurants, food factories and other facets of the food and beverage industries. We specialize in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality kitchens and cold stores. Since our inception in 1993, we have successfully served a lot of star-rated deluxe hotels, air-catering businesses, supermarkets, fast-food chains, schools, government institutions and food processing plants.

We have complete design services catering for different client’s needs. Our services not only will custom fit to the clients different requirements, we will also bring other important aspects such as operation flows, energy saving, environmental friendly, efficiencies, etc. into our design. A kitchen designed with the internationally accepted HACCP operation concept will definitely enhance the production quality as well as ensuring the safety of the operations.

It is always our goal to produce the best quality and the most reliable products. With our computer assisted production using the best precision machinery, coupled with our expert management and production team, we have no hesitation in guaranteeing all our products to any users.

We will always be striving for improvements on all areas of our services in order to produce even better products and also to achieve our long term goal of complete customer satisfaction.

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